To my beloved poet

Your mind is like a train
Always restless
Reflecting on the landscape
Inspiration your fuel
Words your passengers.

Your heart is like an ocean
Deep and obscure
A sea of emotion
Maybe rough on the surface, but if you dive into it, you see the beauty underneath.
One might drown in it.

Your soul is like a candle
A sensitive but strong flame
So bright it nearly hurts to look closely at it
Its warmth being contagious
Please don’t let it burn too fast.


Remark: This is one of my first attempts at poetry and these lines were written for someone very special while he didn’t know yet that I have strong feelings for him. For you @theblightersrock


20180803_095922-01Sticky licky sweaty skin
muscles crave relief
easy wheezy breathy sounds
chase and interweave
veins below show aglow
to the rythmic beat
getting hot
on the rod
body fluids flow
in the summer heat.

An Autumn’s Tale

The old queens of the grove
Whisper gently to the birds
Each one of them herds
In their crowns of gold
Tales of cruel winter’s cold
Of glittering beauty to behold
But alas our leaves will fall
And our limbs will be bare
Of winter’s storm beware
Wait for the flock to call.
To clement green retreat
Until frost finds slow defeat
And back come thrush and lark
Of pure joy of life they sing
While new life will unfold
And juices long withhold
Flow again beneath our bark
Warm light gleams from above
When we greet our long lost love:
The spring.

Big Bang

Our first kiss

A supernova of unknown beauty

On a black mapped sky

Gentle hands brush comets on my skin

While the world floats away

Like gossamer veils of stardust

Our sighs settle down

On the pulsars beating in our chests.