An upright tale

A silverfox travelled to Tuscany

And found a red vixen for company

In Pisa his tail nearly tipped

But she got him gripped

There was Dolce Vita abundantly.


Big Bang

Our first kiss

A supernova of unknown beauty

On a black mapped sky

Gentle hands brush comets on my skin

While the world floats away

Like gossamer veils of stardust

Our sighs settle down

On the pulsars beating in our chests.

Home is where the heart is…

Where the world spins to my rhythm

Inner chambers change shapes

Resonating softly the footsteps of my thoughts

I paint my house in loud bright red

Or in a hushed milky blue

The softest gasp can crumble my walls

The gentlest touch burst the ceiling

Dreams unravel on my pillow

Books write their own stories

Behind green windows an ocean lives

A sea of tranquility and silent storms

I leave the world outside, keep my doors firmly shut

But I let you in.